Blender has two background-color and we will change both of them in this article.

1. Theme Background

Theme background is always the same. means that it’s about the software.

in another word, it’s in Blender’s Preferences and it is not about your current project.

Let’s see how we can change it.

Go to Edit > Preferences

And go to Themes and extend the 3D Viewport

And scroll down and extend the Theme Space.

Scroll down to Gradient Colors.

in the yellow area, you can change the blender’s 3D viewport background in the way that you like.

This is how we changed it.

Now,  this doesn’t work for rendering. How we change that for rendering?

This is how.

2. World’s Background

Go to the World Properties tap and Change the Color.

So when you changed it you can not see it as long as you are not in the Render Preview

So go to the Render Preview:

This is how we can do it. So if you learned something, don’t forget to share and comment.

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